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Sunday, August 22, 2010

New Carts Squee

I just got like 18 new Carts to add to My Cricut Collection and a Cuttlebug with an absurd amoumt of folders so I'll be busy designing ds files for every1 to dl in the usual place.

* Alphalicious
* Ashlyn's Alphabet
* Cindy Loo
* Cursive 101 Classmate™
* Disney© Mickey and Friends
* Indie Art Cart
* Jubilee
* Just Because Cards
* Life Is A Beach
* October 31st Seasonal
* Old West
* Pagoda
* Printing 101 Classmate™
* Sentimentals
* Sesame Street® Friends
* Speaking of Fall Classmate™
* Wall D├ęcor and More
* Wild Card