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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Faux Prima Flowers 2

Faux Prima Flowers2_Archangel.svg
Download cut file HERE!
More Faux Prima Flowers made using Accent Essentials. 2 pages in this file, one that will fit12x12 papers and one for 8.5x11 papers enjoy!

Faux Prima Flowers

I made these in pink & black for my friend Alice's Mini Album Using Accent Essentials:) The size of the flowers is 1 3/4". I made 1 page for 12x12 papers and a 2nd page for 8x11.5 papers. enjoy. There are lots of tutorials on youtube and blogger on how to make your own faux prima flowers from pucnhed shapes cricut cuts, fabric etc, and the one that inspired me was this one by Kathy From Paper Phenominon. I will likely be making more later tonight, its just a matter of going through my carts and finding images I want to use. If I cant find anymore that way I'll find images online and make some SVG files for SCAL!

Faux Prima Flowers1_Archangel.svg
Download cut file HERE!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Stiletto2 Svg

Stiletto2 Svg_Archangel
Download Svg File HERE!

Updated Flowers 1-3 Svg

I've since separated these flowers, so now there are 3 files :) the Paired one, and the 2 individuals. I was too lazy to make another post being that this one is already here, so I've just stuck them in here instead. Enjoy! :)

Flowers1_Archangel svg
Download Svg File HERE!

Flowers2_Archangel Svg
Download Svg File HERE!

Flowers3_Archangel Svg
Download Svg File HERE!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Free Book Of Shadows Pages

 I've added several free Bos Pages to my Zen Archangelism Blog
for anyone who follows the Pagan/Wiccan/Witchcraft paths:)

Voodoo Tags 6 Archangel

Voodoo_Tags 6 Archangel
Click image to view actual size & download or click below:

Voodoo_Tags 5 Archangel

Voodoo_Tags 5 Archangel
Click image to view actual size & download or click below:

Skull Tags 4

Skull Tags 4 Archangel
Click image to view actual size & download or click below:

Skull Tags 3

Skull Tags 3 Archangel
Click image to view actual size & download or click below:

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Angel Tags 2

Angel Tags 2_Archangel
 Click image to vies actual size & download or click below:

Angel Tags 1

Angel Tags 1_Archangel
Click Image to view actual size & download or click below

Angel Mini_Tags1

Angel Mini_Tags1_Archangel
Click on image to view actual size & download or click below:

Blank Book Of Shadows Papers

Some Bos papers I found online & edited. I did not make these, I just resized & edited them:)
56 new photos

Sunday, March 6, 2011


My 3 year old son  Marcus decided it was a splendid day to raid the fridge and litter my living room and all of my furniture with MILK and FOOD! When I asked him WHY he poured milk all over my floors, couch, tables and chairs, he said: (with hands on his hips and scrunched eyebrows) "THEY WERE THIRSTY!" I'm really angry but I can't even snap because he made me lmao. WTF???? So I will be spending the next several hours trying to do damage control :s