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**Internet Explorer Users: Right click the word HERE under each picture and select "SAVE TARGET AS".

**Do NOT left click the links! You will get an error or be redirected to a Mediafire error page, which can be bypassed by simply following the directions above. The files are all properly linked.

NOTES: The same thing applies to the images such as my tags, photo-mats, BOS papers, etc. Simply RIGHT CLICK and SAVE LINK/TARGET AS to download the full sized images. *Also DON'T Right Click the PIN button when trying to download an image, svg or cut file, you will just end up saving the button. Move your mouse away from the pin button. I have the pin button enabled to allow you to pin my freebies on Pinterest if you left click it that is.

**Just in case you have trouble downloading them from mediafire, you can also get them directly from SKYDRIVE (Linked page will open in a new window).

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Love Series Svgs

Click on image above to enlarge or scroll down to view individual pics and download the free svg files. The links are right under each image. :) I'm working on my own personal Love/Wedding/Valentine themed scrapbook album, and made the following files for use in it, just wanted to share in case someone else happens to be looking for images like this to cut with the cricut machine. You need sure cuts a lot program to use these files. :) Enjoy.

Download SVG File HERE!

Download SVG File HERE!

Download SVG File HERE!

Download SVG File HERE!

Download SVG File HERE!

Download SVG File HERE!

Download SVG File HERE!

Download SVG File HERE!

Download SVG File HERE!

Download SVG File HERE!

Download SVG File HERE!

Download SVG File HERE!

Download SVG File HERE!

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  1. LOLOL - I don't know what to do with these wonderful gifts being a newbie, but I'm sure I will figure it out, sweetie!!! But the gift of your generosity in sharing your wonderful creation is the true present that I cherish! I am blessed with your wishes for love, healing, comfort and peace and I honestly hope they all return to you a thousand times back! Oh, I stumbled across your kindness on Pinterest and am grateful that I did! Smoochies and hugggerzzz by the boatloads! Julia


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