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Monday, August 31, 2015

Homemade Recipes For Crafting Supplies

Recipes and combinations for making your own craft supplies at home-

1.Acrylic Ink:
1/5 of your container acrylic paint
some warm water
a small bead(for movement)

2. Gesso Recipe 1: (for 1 litre container)
1 part talcum powder
2 parts water
1 part white craft glue (substitute for acid free glue for scrap booking use)

OR Gesso Recipe 2: (smaller amount but you can always multiply it ;)
1/2 cup baking soda
3 Tbsp white glue
2 Tbsp white acrylic paint

3. Embossing Paste:
1/2 c talcum powder
1Tbsp white craft glue (substitute for acid free glue for scrap booking use)
1Tbsp acrylic paint
add a few drops of water

4. Distressed Embossing Powder:
a)add salt to regular embossing powder
b)or add fine craft sand to regular embossing powder
use as normal

5. Diy Puff Paint:
1 part shaving cream
1 part white craft glue(substitute acid free glue for scrap booking use)
acrylic paint to colour

6. Homemade Alcohol Blending Solution:
solution bottle(tomato sauce dispenser type)
70% rubbing alcohol
use in a well ventilated area

7. Homemade Glossy Accents/Dimension Glaze:
1/2 tsp water
1 Tbsp white craft glue(substitute with acid free glue for scrap booking use)
1 Tbsp gel/alcohol free gloss varnish
mix well

8. Glaze Gel (to give you a stained glass effect):
an empty well cleaned stickles type container
glossy accents
oil pastels
break off a small piece of oil pastel.crush it between paper.add it to glossy accents.mix well.add more or less oil pastel as you need.

9. Gel Medium/Glaze Medium:
mod podge(2parts glue,1 part water consistency)
acrylic paint
(see also mod podge recipe below ;)

10. Air Dry Clay:
1 and a 1/2c maizena flour
1 Tbsp baby oil/cooking oil
1 Tbsp white vinegar
1 cup white craft glue
1 tsp body lotion(do not emit this part)
combine ingredients in a mixing bowl
add a little more maizena till your mixture stops sticking to your hands.
knead well
(cover in cling wrap and store in an airtight container)

11. Mod Podge:
1part white craft glue
1 part water
free to download label

12. Texture Paste:
1/2 c talcum powder
1T white craft glue(substitute for acid free glue for scrap booking use))
1T water

13. Glass Bead Medium:
mod podge
glass beads

14. Alcohol Sprays:
(wear gloves for this)
fill bottle with rubbing alcohol
-remove the inside and nib of marker pens.
cut it into pieces.
let stand till color saturates(overnight is best)
-Another idea is to purchase a bottle of cd/dvd cleaner (comes in a spray bottle already and is filled with alcohol). It costs the same for the complete product as that of a stand alone container, and add your marker- inside and nib into this. Mark and name your color on the outside of your bottle.

15. Alcohol Ink:
1 part dye
6 parts alcohol
2 parts distilled water

16. Pigment Ink:
watercolor opaques(gouache)
rubbing alcohol

17. Chalk Box Ink Refills:
opaque watercolors(gouache)
rubbing alcohol

18. Glimmer Spray/Mists:

food coloring
glitter eyeshadow or mica

19. Rubber Stamp Cleaner:

2 Tbsp glycerine, 1Tbsp baby shampoo to equal 1/4
water to equal 3/4

20. Homemade Clear embossing Ink:
1 Tbsp Vaseline
1/8 capful cooking oil
1/8 capful cooking oil
1/8 capful rubbing alcohol
Mix and apply to pad. Remove excess. To colour add watercolour paint or food colouring

21. Acrylic Paint Recipe:
1 cup salt
1 cup flour
1 cup water
food coloring

22. How To Make Your Own Stencil/Mask:
hot glue gun
silicone craft mat
draw your pattern of choice out of hot glue onto your mat and leave to dry and cool

23. A Few Uses For Glycerine:
-re ink your embossing pad
-add to dried up water color paints
-add to ink pads along with a few drops of water to freshen up

24. Frost Paint:
Mix equal parts epsom salts and boiling water in a glass.
Stir till salts are dissolved.let cool

25. Dimension Liners
white glue
acrylic paint
use the container(nozzle type)that the glue came in

26. How To Add Melted Wax To Your Canvas:

27. Powder Paint (tempura watercolor):
grate ordinary chalk on rough side of your kitchen grater,works like a charm at much less of a cost.

28: Jennibelle's recipe for modelling paste-
1/4 gesso
3/4 bicarbonate of soda

29. Birgit Kerr's recipe for alcohol ink-

another recipe for alcohol inks..using cool aid

To give credit where it's due, I found all of this info here:

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Zentangle Lotus & Dragon

I've recently become crazy about Zentangle lol so there will be a lot of upcoming posts on the artwork I've done :) Above is are my Zentangle Lotus, and Zentangle Dragon. I made them About 2 weeks ago.