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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Erika's Love Bunnies Pattern

Love Bunnies!

By CastOnErika:

Another Amigurumi pattern! Meet my love bunnies:

She is made with DK/sport weight acrylic:

And he is made with worsted weight acrylic.

Same pattern, same hook size, just slightly different ingredients.

I made them for Valentine's Day, but I hope to make a whole bunch more this spring in a wide range of colors.

You can make some, too! These guys are available as a free PDF here. Or on Ravelry here.

Enjoy! :-)

Drawing For Kids
- This is another graet drawing site...
It also covers other crafts, like rock painting & more...

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How To Draw Fairies

How To Draw Fairy Tutorials & Resources
I've been wanting to learn how to draw and paint fairies almost all of my life, so, I'm finally taking time out to learn now, and these are links to resources I am stumbling across in my search, I will be updating this list as I find more, so keep checking back. I hope you find them useful....


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you've ever wondered how to make fairy wings or to get some new ideas,
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ISBN: 0823014037
Watson-Guptill Publications

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by Fiona Watt (Author), Jan McCafferty (Illustrator)

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Hazel Harrison, Linda Ravenscroft
ISBN: 184448095X
Search Press Ltd

Fairy Drawings & Paintings For Inspiration....

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Rubber Stamping Links

Phoebe's Rubber Stamps

Just Found A kewl Site with SOME pagan/Wiccan -ish stamps for sale,

check it out here:


Wild Frog Creations Rubber Stamps
Mystic-Tarot-Occult Rubber Stamps







Celtic Designs
Here are 3 separate sheets of stamps chock-full of lovely Celtic designs.
Each plate is $21 and measures about 8.5 x 11 inches.




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