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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Starburst Mini Album

This is my take on Laura Dennisons (following the paper trail) Starburst Mini Album. Loved making it so much I will defo make more:). Papers used were K & Company, shown in video. I've uploaded 2 vids of it to my youtube channel. Additional pix below...

Shadow Box Card

My first shadow-box card, made for my amazing boyfriends amazing mother. I used the Sophisticated Cricut cartridge to cut out a lot of the shapes and the words. To color the papers I used Tim Hotltz Adairondack alcohol inks in gold and watermellon, and used a silver sharpie marker for additional highlights. 
Additional pix below...







Monday, June 25, 2012

The Earthy Spinners: Our floor is dirty, and that's okay!

The Earthy Spinners: Our floor is dirty, and that's okay!: I wash my floors often but it doesn't even matter.  It's something I have decided is okay.  It's our lifestyle that creates the dirt and in ...

HotRod & Drive-Thru

So this is the new hotrod daddy Got for Marcus (My middle son). Which he drives in the house, mommys and Grandpas houses, and every right he does this... 

... parks it infront of grandpas big screen tv, and when asked what hes doing , he says he's at the drive thru! Pmsl. The kicker is hes only four! Too much!