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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Groundhog_Archangel svg + scut

Groundhog_Archangel (svg + scut)
Download svg file HERE!
Download scut file HERE!

Eagle_Archangel svg + scut files

Eagle_Archangel (svg + scut)
Download svg file HERE!
Download scut file HERE!

Angel Icon svg + scut Files

Angel_Icon_Archangel (svg + scut)
Download svg file HERE!
Download scut file HERE!

Buffalo Skull Svg + Scut Files

Buffalo_Skull_Archangel (svg + scut)
Download svg file HERE!
Download scut file HERE!

Angels 4-6 svg + scut files

 Angel4_Archangel (svg + scut)
Download svg file HERE!
Download scut file HERE!

 Angel5_Archangel (svg + scut)
Download svg file HERE!
Download scut file HERE!

 Angel6_Archangel (svg + scut)
Download svg file HERE!
Download scut file HERE!

2 Unicorns Svg + Scut Files

Unicorn01_Archangel (svg + scut)
Download svg file HERE!
Download scut file HERE!

Unicorn02_Archangel (svg + scut)
Download svg file HERE!
Download scut file HERE!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Toadily Kissable Card

I designed the card but NOT THE FROGGY! The froggy was made with a free svg file from Chrissy's Blog: Everyday Little Things! Update: her Blog is now privatized and you may not be able to view it, but if you are able to, do check out her entire blog, it's an amazing place to spend the afternoon learning. :) 

Blog Pruning In Progress...

Ok I'm in the process of Blog Pruning, which means that I'm de-cluttering and removing old or dual posts. All of the cut files I've posted on my blog have been copied over to the "Free Cut Files" Page to make them easier to find :)  All other related posts that used to be here can be found on my forum in the cricut section: I had way too many topics to browse and I wanted to simplify it a bit by getting rid of the unnecessary posts. I'm keeping all of my cricut stuff here just moving the cut files & resource links to my forum to de-clutter the blog.I've also deleted all of the Posts titled A Worthy Cause + Updates since I completed that mission :)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Cuttlebug Links

These are all great sites with inspiration, tutorials & projects for the cuttlebug. Please feel free to add your own favorites as comments to this post...

Cuttlebug Tips: How to sandwich the Nestabilities

How to sandwich the Nestabilities
by Great Nanny On Provo craft community Forum

Here's what I use for the nestabilities and it always works; hope this will help you.

Cutting Sandwich: (stack from bottom up)
1. A plate
2. C plate
3. Spellbinders die face up (rough side up)
4. Paper or cardstock
5. B plate
Run through Cuttlebug

Embossing sandwich: (stack from bottom up)
1. A plate
2. B plate
3. Die face up (with die cut still in die)
4. 3 pieces of cardstock
5. 1 Spellbinders tan polymer mat
6. B plate
Run through Cuttlebug

Good luck!

Sunday, January 16, 2011


My current space is a broom closet (NOT kidding) so out of necessity, I've had to improvise and conjure MORE space out of thin air, in so doing, I've come up with some cool ideas to help you pimp your own space...

* Sort paper flowers by colors and stick them in Ziploc sandwich bags to make the ones you want easier to find. They should still fit in that same drawer if you squeeze the air out of the bags.

* Decorate your paper holders (just the front part that shows-as well as any other "boring" containers that aren't see through:) with different patterned papers, add stickers, buttons, beads ribbon, brads, bling, and/or paper flowers to embellish, make tags with coordinating or contrasting papers to label the containers, stamp images on them too for cuteness.  It really makes a BIG difference.

* Label your drawers & containers! As you acquire more things from swaps, workshops, classes, hauls - (aka shopping sprees gone overboard lol), you're going to need to categorize everything or you WILL hide things on yourself by having misplaced them, meaning put them in the wrong spot because you were distracted by someone or something (like having to pee REALLY BAD!) lol. So, if you start early, (like I DIDN'T DO) you'll prevent that from happening.

* Store loose ribbon, buttons, clips & other accessories in clear glass or plastic jars. You'll SEE them and actually make MORE use of them.

* Last but certainly MOST important, Catalog EVERYTHING you own & INSURE IT. In case of theft/damage, fire etc. If you're a professional crafter, or even if it's a hobby but you have a LOT of stuff; EVERYTHING in your room is an ASSET-Furniture and crafting supplies!

I'm speaking from personal experience here, I've had all of my inventory stolen by some jealous exes. I didn't know at that time, that I could have insured it all. Needless to say I'm out about $1,000,000,000 that's right: 1 million dollars because they wanted revenge.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Top 10 Signs of a Scrapbook Addict

By: FaveCrafts

Are you a scrapbooking fool? See if you meet the criteria for a Scrapbook Addict!

   1. You're the only one at a social gathering yelling, "Just one more photo,everyone; I don't have enough for a two-page layout!
   2. Blue photo split backs and scraps from your corner rounder cuttings can be found in unusual places - school lunch bags, briefcases, pants pockets, the dog's water bowl.
   3. A regular sandwich is no longer acceptable--it must be cropped or cut with decorative edges.
   4. You try to claim your album purchases as a medical expense because it's such good "therapy".
   5. You buy a new pink swimsuit because it matches the pink photo mounting paper.
   6. Your child is the only one in agriculture class who thinks "crop" is to "cut your photos."
   7. You decide to give your child piano lessons so you'll be able to use the musical instrument stickers that are in the Big Pack.
   8. You redecorate your family room to coordinate with your photo album covers.
   9. Your three year old wants to know if her coloring book is "archival quality".
  10. You're in a fender bender and your first thought is, "I wonder what die-cut shape will coordinate with this event?"
Of course a scrapbook addict doesn't follow a 12 step program but a 12 x 12 step one.

How to Make Your Own Rubber Stamps

How to Make Your Own Rubber Stamps
If you like to embellish your scrapbook pages with stamps, try making your own stamps for a completely personal design. Though many methods exist for transferring an image onto a carving block, tracing is probably the easiest. Creative Kismet shows you just how beautiful homemade stamps can be, with some tips on how to care for them.

You Will Need:
Tracing Paper
Clip Art of your preferred image
Rubber Carving Block- Speedball sells large carving blocks, affectionately called “the pink stuff” by crafters, including a SpeedyStamp Kit with carving tools. Mastercarve is another maker.
Carving tool- Craft or X-acto knifes will work for the initial cuts, but you may have trouble scrapping out the relief parts of your design. Detailed carving requires special tool(s) with a sharp, V-shaped end.
Sharpened No. 2 Pencil
Stamp Pad

1. Print out an image from the web or find an image you would like to make into a stamp. For beginners, use a less-detailed image with thick, heavy lines. This will be easier to carve.

2. Place the tracing paper over your image and trace over the solid parts of the image with your sharp pencil. Don’t just outline; fill in the entire image.

3. Flip your tracing paper over and place your image face-down on the carving block (the pink stuff). For words, you want the mirror image of the word on the stamp so that the actual print comes out correctly. You can check this by holding your stamp up to a mirror. If you’ve traced a word or words, you should already accomplish this by flipping over the image onto the carving block.

4. Hold the image steady on the block with one hand as you rub the back of the tracing paper with a blunt object, such as a spoon. This will transfer the graphite onto the carving block.

5. Once transferred, you are ready to carve! For a better-looking “positive image,” you want to carve away the light areas from around your pencil image.

6. Cut off the block with your image from the rest of the carving block. Start with the most intricate areas of the design first. For carving between lines (the middle or insides of circles for example), carve around the lines of the image first, and then carve out the area between.

7. Carve away from the lines of the image using shallow, horizontal cuts. When working around curves, keep the carving tool in your one hand steady and guide the block with your other hand.

8. The cut out parts of the stamp should slope away from the raised surface, rather than straight down or undercutting the raised surface. This will make the stamp surface steadier.

9. Once your image has been carved out, remove all the excess rubber material from around the image. You want to remove everything that you do not want stamped. You can use a larger tool from the Speedy Stamp kits or X-acto knife to carve away larger areas.

10. When you think you’re done, test out your stamp with a stamp pad or even a highlighter. With stamping, you will likely find additional areas that require carving. Don’t worry; homemade stamps are charming in their slight imperfections.

11. You can mount your stamp onto a piece of wood at this point, with or without a piece of foam separating the stamp from the mount, but it’s not a necessity. If you do mount the stamp to a slightly-larger piece of wood, remember to stamp the top of the wood with your stamp before gluing it on for easy reference.


Monday, January 10, 2011

Paper Doll Houses & Furniture UPDATED!!!

***UPDATED-JAN 14 2011***
Free Printable Doll House Miniatures/Dollhouse Printies
Often referred to as "dollhouse printies" (or "printis"), these are download-able files to print and use in your dollhouse. Dollhouse miniature printables range from furniture to books to plants, and tons more. Some sites offer printables for free, some for a minor charge, some offer both freebies and pay downloads. I've tried to note which is which in the following list. Also, some of the sites that have free downloads restrict usage of the downloads for personal use. Please be kind and check the policies of each site. There are other dollhouse resources mixed in here also, various tutorials etc...
grand piano
  • Jim's Dollhouse Pages - Free printable projects in 1-inch, 1/2-inch and 1/4-inch scales.
  • A Victorian Birdcage by Sue Heaser - How to make a 1/12 birdcage out of polymer clay.
  • Abigail's Fantasy - Hand sculpted dolls by IGMA Fellow Dorothy Haw. Featuring a gallery of projects and dolls.
  • Acanthus Miniatures - Featuring florals, plants, ponds, water gardens, gardening accessories and teddy bears by a South African artisan.
  • Adventures in Victorian Dollhouse Restoration - A 30 year old in Seattle renovates the Dura-Craft Queen Anne dollhouse she built with Mom almost 20 years ago.
  • Alice's Dollhouse Page - Tips and techniques for building the Tennyson dollhouse kit.
  • Andrea Fabrega Miniature Ceramics - Porcelain pottery by Andrea Fabrega. Includes show schedule, recent samples, artist bio and contact information.
  • Bill Lankford's Miniatures - Class schedule and photos for 1" and 1/2" scale structures including a cantina, castle, thatch roofed cottage, and tree house.
  • Butterfly Dreams - DIY projects and printables, plus photos of dollhouses and roomboxes.
  • Casting for Purls - Resources for knitting in miniature in 1/12th scale, including where to purchase supplies, instructions, and some basic patterns.
  • Chinese Cuisine in Miniatures - Chinese foods and street vendor scene, handcrafted by Bertha Wong.
  • Custom Dolls, Houses, & Miniatures - Features selected pieces by various artists, with links to their websites and ebay pages. Items include dolls, 1/144 scale dollhouses, fairies, animals, food, and furniture.
  • Deb's Miniatures Dollhouses - Galleries of personal collection of dollhouses, dressed beds, miniatures and dolls. Tutorials and blogs by Deb Roberts, editor-in-chief of the Greenleaf Gazette.
  • Dollhouse Miniature Printables - Free printable 1" scale projects.
  • Elinekes Design - Photo gallery including an antique shop, garage, conservatory, leather boutique, barn, hat and lingerie boutique, Christmas conservatory and Santa Claus house.
  • Free Projects from Cotton Ridge Designs - Includes how to make tea and molasses cookies, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, a cake baking table, and potted spiral topiary trees.
  • Gladiolus Miniature Paper Flowers - Illustrated instructions for making paper Gladiolus flowers.
  • Harvington Guides - Pipe Cleaner Teddies - Illustrated how-to project to make fuzzy teddy bears for dollhouses.
  • Hobby House - Electifying Your Dollhouse Kit - How to wire dollhouses with copper tape. Includes illustrations.
  • Jan in Crete - A personal site featuring miniature houses in various scales and lacemaking.
  • Jan's Dollhouse - Tour a custom built dollhouse, tips, tricks and projects.
  • Jenn's Miniature Worlds - Personal collection including an Art Deco room, Colonial tavern, romantic bedroom, and a Cotswold cottage, by romance author Jennifer Ashley.
  • Kara Lee's Minis - Photos of houses, miniatures and classes.
  • Keith Walker - Miniaturist and Dolls House Maker - Some tips and photos of various projects.
  • Kevins Miniatures - How to make your own dollhouse bricks, and other tips and photos.
  • Kim's Home Page - Personal site includes miniature tips archives, how-to projects, collection photos, book and magazine reviews, and a section of handcrafted items for sale.
  • Kim's MiniMoments - Personal site with photos of a dressed Bespag bed and a large dollhouse under construction.
  • Klara's Miniatures - Personal pages featuring handcrafted roomboxes, dolls and a Dutch-style dollhouse with tile roof. Includes some projects with instructions written in Dutch, but with helpful illustrations.
  • La Mariposa Bakery Journal - Documentation of the conversion of a Buttercup dollhouse kit into a traditional Spanish style building. Includes the design process, photos and a glossary.
  • Laura's World of Miniatures - Step by step photographs and descriptions of students building a Rik Pierce thatched roofed Tudor cottage.
  • Let's Sculpt! - Sculpting a polymer clay faery with IGMA Artisan Lyn Trenary. Illustrated instructions.
  • MINIque MINIatures - Selfmade dollshouses, roomboxes and miniatures. Pictures of projects, including lighthouse, kitchen, toy-room, sewing-room. Also diy-projects, printables and items for sale.
  • Marianne B - How to make miniature crocheted wreaths, plus a photo gallery of other crocheted miniatures.
  • Martie's Minis - A collection of projects with instructions on how to make various miniature items, including a corn popper push toy.
  • Melanie's Love of Miniatures and More - Projects, hints and ideas. Form for submitting projects.
  • Melba's Miniatures - Gallery of various scenes and buildings.
  • Millinery In Miniature Tutorial - Thorough and illustrated step-by-step tutorial in miniature hat making by artisan Cynthia Howe.
  • Mini Art by Barb Lotto - Featuring food and meals of various sorts.
  • Mini Mansion - Pictures and instructions for handmade dolls houses, garden sheds and workshops, plus list of miniature shops, artists, museums and fairs in Germany.
  • Mini Works Projects - How to make a wicker baby basinett, a pot belly heater, a snow sled, a duck or rabbit rocker seat, polymer clay vegetables, and a diaper bag.
  • Mini-Mum - Featuring roomboxes, embroideries, cross stitch rugs, quilts and accessories; plus how to instructions for English Paper Piecing, rug fringing, and quilt draping.
  • MiniMe Printies - Printable CD, DVD and magazine covers, plus quilts.
  • - In several languages, featuring Tin Tin roomboxes; methods and tips; discussion forum; show, store, museum and book info.
  • Miniature Pansies from Affordable Punches - Illustrated instructions for making pansies out of paper.
  • Miniature-Illusions - Personal site featuring a collector's dollhouses and miniatures.
  • Mishelly's Zoo - How to projects for unusual items, including a bug zapper, toilet plunger, toy jack in the box, photo album, bathroom scale, and suitcase; plus photos of dollhouse collection.
  • Mission Style Bedroom Furniture - Illustrated instructions for making a Mission style bedroom furniture set.
  • Mold Making - Article about making your own molds for miniatures. Various materials are discussed.
  • My Dollhouse Page - Ideas & Projects - Printable seed packets, scrap books, wrapping paper, gift bags, lanterns, hat boxes, books, cards and shoe boxes.
  • My Dollhouses - Artist Grazhina displays the doll houses she has designed and created. Includes close-ups of some special dollhouse pieces and floorcloths, together with some tutorials.
  • My Dolls House - Describes the process of building two dollhouses.
  • My Miniatures - Personal site with photos of dollhouses, roomboxes, needlepoint and knit items.
  • My Miniatures - Connie Sauve's miniature collection of projects, scenes and dollhouses.
  • My Small Obsession - Focused on creating resources for miniaturists, from collectors to artists. Projects, tutorials, directory, photos and articles.
  • Nancy's World - Personal site showing interiors and exteriors of dollhouses including the Glencroft, the San Franciscan, and the Aster Cottage.
  • Natalie Gayle Miniatures - Offering some free projects to download as well as showing personal projects and dollshouses by a young miniaturist.
  • Nuts'n'Bits - Showing precise machined metal and plastic miniatures in 1/12 scale and smaller.
  • One Lucky Bug - Personal site featuring character dolls, including a man in a Zoot suit and Redwall characters, plus several dollhouses.
  • Pop's Dollhouse - Replica of an 1880's mid-western Victorian type home made in 1' to 1' scale. It's wired with electricity and filled with Chippendale, Hepplewhite, and Queen Anne replica furniture that Pop made.
  • Riverview Amusement Park by Ed Fruh - Ed Fruh has created models of Riverview Amusement Park in Chicago which closed in the 1960's. The models of the rides were created using H.O. scale. Individuals interested in Chicago history, amusement parks, miniatures or other model construction will be interested in this site.
  • Sal's Site - Personal collection photos including: a factory, a Victorian mansion, a French country manor, a Tudor village, Lady Jane glass pieces and Hogwart's Castle.
  • Shirl's Miniature World - Personal site showing dollhouse, vignette, shop, bear and doll collection.
  • Silly Sisters Miniatures - Handcrafted dollhouse miniatures. Free tutorial on how to make a feather duster.
  • Small Houses - Scale 1 to 12 - Featuring photo tours of dollhouses designed and built by a husband for his wife and daughter. Some construction process information is included.
  • St Hilary's Miniature Church - St. Hilary's is a 1/12 scale church with fimo and porcelain dolls who form both the congregation, clergy and Sunday School. Together they celebrate the Christian year.
  • Stello's Mini Stuff - Dollhouse miniatures made, received and bought by Stello. Lots of photos, regular updates in the Mini Diary, and some DIY projects.
  • Steve & Annie - Hobbies including handcrafted Tudor furniture, dollhouse and needlework.
  • Sue Heaser's Ornamental Trees 1 - Instructions to make Italian style ornamental potted fruit trees.
  • Swallowhill Miniatures - Offering dolls, clothing patterns and accessories. Plus how-to tutorials for making Silk Ribbon Rosebuds, Tiny Buttons, Ribbon Bows, Stockings and Slippers, Assemble a 1/12th Doll Kit, Painting Porcelain Pieces and Using Fimo and Flumo in molds.
  • The Fisher-Price Townhouse - Printable files to cut out and fold to decorate dollhouses.
  • The Miniature World by Yuki - Personal site of a miniature hobbyist in Japan showing western and Japanese style miniatures, vignettes, roomboxes and buildings.
  • The Wooden Dolls House Blog - Wooden dolls houses including posts, articles, videos, and products.
  • Tiny Minds - How to make plants, turned pottery, and molds; plus offers items for sale.
  • Wanna In El Paso - Featuring many projects and their stories, plus how-to's for Michael's Crafts Store hutch makeovers.
  • Whiskers on Kittens - Jane Lambert's personal projects in needlepoint, ceramics, and quarter scale. Includes a how-to make a vintage style tole tray.
  • Wicker Pet Basket - Illustrated instructions for making a wicker pet bed.
  • Zooplies Miniature Haven - Tutorials and printables in 1/12, 1/6, and 1/4 scales.
XML Feeds:
  • Susan's Mini Talk - A personal blog with pictures and dollhouse stories with links. [RSS]
Dollhouse Printies
Often referred to as "dollhouse printies" (or "printis"), these are downloadable files to print and use in your dollhouse. Dollhouse miniature printables range from furniture to books to plants, and tons more.

Some sites offer printables for free, some for a minor charge, some offer both freebies and pay downloads. I've tried to note which is which in the following list. Also, some of the sites that have free downloads restrict usage of the downloads for personal use. Please be kind and check the policies of each site.

* Jean Day Minis
Hatbox, books, wallpaper -- all lovely!
SCALE: 1/12, 1/144
COST: Free for personal use

* Owned By My Cats
Cat foods, pictures, books, and more -- all cat related!
SCALE: 1/12
COST: Free

* Paper Minis
Toys, books, household items, seasonal, and a great selection of tutorials on using paper minis.
SCALE: 1/12
COST: Small fee (for personal use only), free monthly samples to members

Digital Dollhouse Activities
Click these links to find free dollhouse "printables" -- miniaturized
paper goodies like books, calendars, photos, and so on -- to print out,
trim, and decorate as necessary.