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Sunday, May 8, 2011

How To Make Quick Pages

I've started making my own kits so far I have the papers and elements part nearly figured out, and Now I'm on to learning how to make quick pages using PSP 9. So I thought I'd share a link to a site HERE with some tutorials I've found very helpful for anyone else who might want to learn and a pdf file on how to make quickpages Here: PDF :)

Monday, May 2, 2011

Boys Will Be Boys Brag Book


So I got this Boys Will Be Boys Brag Book from Just So Scrappy Too FREE! had to share I also bought the Boys Will Be Boys Bundle (Kit + Quick Pages for $1.50) and re-sized copies of  the quick pages After adding my photos to make a 16 page brag book of my beloved sons Ronnie & Marcus:) pages 11-16 are actually the quick pages :) see below...

Just going to show off my fav of the pages prior to shrinking it down to bb size (which in this case is 1800 px x 1200 px) the image I'm sharing has been downsized to 600 x 600 for easy uploading :)...
This is my son Marcus listening to his brother Ronnies' Green Day cd :)