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Saturday, February 14, 2009



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Free Recipes For Babies

Homemade Baby Wipes

1 roll strong paper towel (VIVA Ultra is great)
2 T. baby shampoo (for sensitive skin use Mennen Baby Bath)
2 1/4 cup water
1 T. baby oil 1 circular wipes container
Cut the roll of towels in half so there are 2 small rolls. Use a very sharp knife. With a pair of pliers, grab hold of the cardboard center and pull it out. A few sheets of the paper towel will come out with it. In a bowl, combine the wet ingredients. Pour half of them in the wipes container. Place the roll in the container on top of the fluid. Pour the rest of the fluid over the top of the roll. Cut the small opening of the container (where the wipes come out) to make it a bit larger. These wipes will last about 2 weeks then need to be replaced. Cut the roll of towels in half so there are 2 small rolls. Use a very sharp knife. With a pair of pliers, grab hold of the cardboard center and pull it out. A few sheets of the paper towel will come out with it. In a bowl, combine the wet ingredients. Pour half of them in the wipes container. Place the roll in the container on top of the fluid. Pour the rest of the fluid over the top of the roll. Cut the small opening of the container (where the wipes come out) to make it a bit larger. These wipes will last about 2 weeks then need to be replaced.

Homemade Baby Oil
Chamomile herb
Light oil (olive is great)
Make an oil infusion by covering the chamomile with oil. Let sit in a window for a couple of weeks. Strain and use. It smells like apples and is very soothing. (You can also simmer over low heat for about 30 min-1hour instead of the window sill)!.

Anti-Septic Tincture
For keeping umbilical cord free of infection and promoting fast fall off!
1 tsp. goldenseal herb c/s
1/4 tsp. myhrr gum
1/4 tsp. calendula herb c/s
1 C. Everclear
Place herbs in glass jar and cover with alcohol. Let sit for 2 weeks, shaking jar each day. Strain and bottle.

Baby Body Balm
300 g olive oil infused with 1 cup calendula petals
55 g sweet almond oil
40 g jojoba
20 g shea butter
85 g beeswax
435 g water
15 g glycerin
5 g grapefruit seed extract
Heat oils, shea butter and beeswax to 175 degrees. In separate container heat water and glycerin to 175 and then add GSE. Combine and mix until emulsified, about 30 minutes!

Baby Bottom Oil
4 oz Peach Kernel Oil
2 oz Calendula Oil
1 oz Jojoba
1 oz Emu or Camelina Oil
2 drops Lavender Essential oil (Optional)
Mix oils and store in a bottle. Use this oil to soothe redness and chapped skin for baby’s bottom!

Baby Soap
194 g lye
19 oz water
8 oz sweet almond oil
7 oz jojoba
2 oz castor oil
4 oz shea butter
19 oz coconut oil
14 oz palm oil
1 oz vitamin E oil
Heat oils to 100 degrees. Combine lye and water and cool to 100 degrees. Combine oils and lye/water mixing well. At trace add the vitamin E oil. Pour into a mold and proceed as you would with cold process soap.

Herbal Milk Bath
1 lb Cornstarch
3 cups Goats Milk Powder
1/4 cup Lavender Powder
1/4 cup Calendula Petal Powder
1/2 cup Chamomile Powder
7 to 10 drops Lavender Essential oil
2 drops Chamomile Essential Oil
Combine lavender powder with lavender oil and add chamomile oil to chamomile powder. Then combine all ingredients and mix well. Use 1 few Tablespoons for a baby size tub and increase for larger tubs and older children. Place mixture in a muslin drawstring bag or tie up in cheesecloth and add to bath water for gentle cleansing, softening and healing of the skin and as an aid to treat restlessness and insomnia. You can package these in cello bags tied with a card with instructions for use and a muslin bag attached. Mild and gentle but make sure child has no allergies to milk or milk products!

Sweet Dreams Baby Lotion
1 1/2 c. aloe vera gel
1 1/2 tsp. lanolin
1 1/2 tsp. Vitamin E oil
1/3 c. virgin coconut oil
1 oz. pure beeswax (white),filtered
3/4 c. camelina oil
1 1/2 tsp. essential oil (optional) 2 tbsp. lavender powder
1 1/2 tsp. chamomile powder
In a blender, mix aloe gel,lanolin,vitamin E oil. Using a glass container, melt coconut oil and beeswax until fully melted. Gently stir in camelina oil. Slowly pour oils into blender on low. At this point oils will thicken and turn white. Stop blender and add essential oil,if used. Blend gently in short bursts. Do NOT over blend. Add lavender and chamomile powders, blend gently until incorporated. While mixture is still warm, pour into containers. This mixture will thicken quickly as it cools. This lotion doesn’t leave oily feeling to skin and absorbs well. Great as a massage lotion for baby. Makes approximately 2 1/2 cups.

Baby Wash Bags
Muslin bags
Lavender bud powder
Chamomile powder
Colloidal oatmeal fine
A few drops of jojoba or other oil
Combine all the ingredients in a blender and thouroughly mix. Pour a small amount into the muslin bag. When bathing baby, soften bag in bath water, then gently squeeze muslin bag over baby and rub lightly with bag. Use these washbags as a gentle soap-free cleanser for baby.

Bottoms Up! Baby Bottom Balm
1 cup calendula oil
1 oz beeswax or hydrogenated jojoba MP 56
1 oz mango butter
8 drops of lavender essential oil
1/4 lavender glimmer mica
Heat calendula oil, beeswax and butter until melted. Mix the mica into the essential oil until it has no clumps. Stir the colored lavender oil to the slightly cooled oil/butter mixture and pour into jars or deodorant containers. Apply to baby’s bottom in between diaper changes. Also great for cheeks and drool drenched chins!

Calendula Baby Oil
2.0 oz. pure olive oil
1.5 oz. calendula oil
0.5 oz. avocado oil
0.5 oz. jojoba
0.3 oz. wheat germ oil
0.2 oz. vitamin E 250 IU
6 drops Roman chamomile essential oil
Mix all of the ingredients together. Pour into a 6 oz. cobalt bottle. Use oil after baby’s bath, or for baby massage. Since it uses 100% natural oils, it will absorb in nicely, and keep babies skin soft and healthy.

Diaper Ointment
16 oz Sweet Almond Oil
8 oz Shea Butter
8 oz Jojoba Oil
4.5 oz Virgin Coconut Oil
4.5 oz Beeswax
2 Drops Calendula Absolute
Mix oils, butter and beeswax together in double boiler until wax and butter is melted. Then add the Calendula and stir. Add 1% Tea Tree, Lavender and Chamomile essential oils (combined volume). Pour into jars.

Herbal Baby Balm
1 cup calendula or camelina oil
3 tbsp. dried lavender
1 tbsp. dried calendula
1 tbsp. dried rose petals
1 tsp. dried chamomile
2 tbsp. vitamin E oil
1 1/2 tsp. jojoba oil
4 drops lavender oil
8 tbsp. beeswax
Grind the herbs into a powder using a clean coffee grinder or blender. Warm oil in top of a double boiler pot; add the powdered herbs and cook over medium heat for 30 minutes to 1 hour to allow the healing properties of the herbs to fully release in the oil. Place remaining oils in a glass bowl. Place a coffee filter inside a wire strainer, hold over glass bowl, and pour the warm herb oil through the strainer into the bowl. Melt the beeswax in the top of a double boiler; add slowly to the oil and herb mixture while whisking with a wisk or egg beater. Continue whisking until the mixture is thick and creamy. Store in 2-4 oz. containers. If you plan to store balm longer than 3 months, keep refrigerated.

Herbal Baby Powder
4 oz cornstarch
4 oz arrowroot
1 oz white kaolin clay
1 oz colloidal oat starch
1 oz powdered lavender buds
1 oz powdered calendula petals
1 tsp of a pearlescent mica to color
6 - 10 drops of essential oil of mandarin or lavender
Add the essential oil to the powdered herbs and mix well. Add the other dry ingredients to the herbs and mix. Add mica a little at a time until you get enough color. Sift and transfer into powder sifters.


Start 'Em Young...

Every time I start tappin' away to write a blog or do something else on my pc, my youngest son (Marcus), comes over & tries to shanghai my keyboard, (His older brother did the same when he was young)

So, there's my solution in the photo above! Give your child his/her OWN keyboard to play with, just make sure you cut the cord off!

I did this with my older son (Ronnie) also & he has the fastest "2 finger Hunt & Peck" I've ever seen. The child could win a typing contest against a secretary!

Just thought I'd pass this on to other parents who may have had the same problem.

Friday, February 13, 2009

FREE Mandalas

UPDATED March 29 2018:

Mandalas Coloring Book From JuneMoon
Click the links below to download the zip archive file which now contains her entire coloring book in 1 download. So beautiful and it is FREE. :)
To Download: Just right click & "save as"

Misc mandalas

Animal mandalas-Beautiful & detailed

Awesome Mandala Links
click these links to go to the mandala pages, click on each thumbnail, then right click & save as:) These mandalas are absolutely gorgeous, must see:)

45 mandalas for painting in meditation - many church rosettes
(nature mandalas - window mandalas (churches, cathedrals): wheel windows, rosette windows, Indian mandalas, rosettes with a primary center - Asian mandalas - ice cristal mandalas - mandalas made of lines and circles) 

72 mandalas for painting in meditation - mandalas worldwide

Dragon mandalas - elf mandalas - energy mandalas - energy mandalas: swirl mandalas - cognition mandalas (way of cognition) - mandalas in geographic order - Native Indian mandalas - Celtic mandalas - crystal mandalas - nature mandalas - religious mandalas and esotericism - rose window mandalas - animal mandalas

32 crop circle mandalas for painting in meditation

Mandalas from aliens made in corn fields.
Secretly in the night there is a force which is creating new crop circles.

Insect & Bug Coloring Pages

Insect Coloring Book
There's an adorable coloring book here that you have to download page by page but its very very cute:

Animal Coloring Pages

Cow Coloring Pages
Attention, all artists! It's finally here! The Guida's Milk and Ice Cream SUPERCOW Coloring Book, free to download from the Internet. The SUPERCOW Coloring Book has been availible in paper format only since 1996 and has been in high demand since it was released. Guida's is happy to release it in electronic format for all of those who may not get a chance to visit Guida's or SUPERCOW in person. Below, you'll find a sample page from the book. The SUPERCOW Coloring Book is in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. In order to view or print the coloring book, you will need to download Adobe Acrobat 5.0 Reader.

Download the SUPERCOW Coloring Book Now! - 703KB:

Eagle Coloring Pages

Owl Coloring Pages
There's a great collection of assorted owl pages here:

Rooster Coloring Pages

Seahorse Coloring Pages

Seal Coloring Pages

Tiger Coloring Pages
There's a gorgeous tiger drawings & coloring pages here that I can't copy, but check them out...

Wolf Coloring Pages

Fantasy Coloring Pages

Fantasy Coloring Pages

:: Download :: Rawhide_Sheath_Tutorialpdf

:: Download :: Rawhide_Sheath_Tutorial.pdf
Below is a link to a detailed 38 page instruction tutorial on how to make a rawhide knife sheath. The file is in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. The PDF file is called Rawhide_Sheath_Tutorial.pdf. It's about a 3 mb file, so sorry for the marathon download if you're on a soda straw connection.

NOTE: Clicking the link below will automatically start the download process...

Rawhide Knife Sheath Tutorial Courtesy Of:

Free Fonts

Copied From My Baw Craftworx Site:
*NEW* :: Fonts ::
Welcome To The Newest Addition To Baw Downloads.
These Fonts Are All From Other sites whose links are at the bottom of each post, please visit their sites for more incredible fonts. I've just posted one sample font from each website I go to offering free fonts. I will be adding to this list eventually:) This Is Just to get it
Please Feel Free to Post Links To your favorite font sites as replies to this topic...

Care Bears Font - Size = 32 Pixels
Download for: PC, Mac OS X (38 Kb)

Download Link: CLICK HERE!


A Charming Font - Size = Medium
Download For PC, Mac OS X

Download Link: CLICK HERE!


3D LET font - Size = 32 Pixels
Download 3D LET font for PC (, 31Kb)

Download Link: CLICK HERE!









Free Fairy & Mermaid Coloring Pages for you to use! Artwork inspired by Jody Bergsma, Amy Brown, Selina Fenech, Linda Ravenscroft and more.

Visit the Pooka Pages where you will find an ever changing array of stories, coloring pages and sabbat activities for kids.

Be Sure to Check Out Pooka's Sandbox: Published 8 times a year and filled with all original pagan coloring pages, stories, activities, science, sabbat recipes, spells, herbal lore and seasonal magic for Pagan Children! Click below to see a Sample Issue

Fairy Coloring Book and Coloring Pages: Children of all ages will enjoy these fairy coloring pages and please look at the coloring book gallery. Children from around the world may email their coloring page to the fairies to have it included in the fairy coloring book gallery. The coloring pages are well suited for printing to color by hand or save the coloring page to use your graphics program to color.

Fairy Coloring Pages at Nicole's Coloring Pages For sale very reasonably priced, check it out

I found a great fairy coloring page here (too large to post):

Vintage Betsy McCall paper dolls

Vintage Betsy McCall paper dolls that you can download and print.
Click The Link Below To Go There Now!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Free Printable Recipe Cards

I copied this post from:

- A Nice Collection
Here’s a collection of free printable recipe cards I’ve gathered from around the web. There are hundreds (thousands maybe?) available online, but I thought these were some of the best designs I came across.

This collection is a nice mix of different styles and graphics, hopefully there’s a recipe card or two you like :).

Free Printable Recipe Cards

If your collection of recipes is getting too large and disorganized, here are some ideas for organizing recipes. Also here’s a quick tip for preserving and protecting your newly printed recipe cards: Protect Cookbooks & Recipes.

More Tips You May Like:

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Haunted Paper Toys Collection

I am a HUGE fan Of The Haunted Paper Toys Collection From so much so that I've downloaded all of them & printed them for my oldest son Ronnie who loves them too:) So far I'm up to date, but he's always creating something awesome, so please visit his site HERE!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Off to cricutting..

ok so my father in law just bought me 165 sheets of 12x12 paper, 2 cutting mats 12x24, and 2 replacement needles for my bug:) needless to say, I've got me some cuttin to do. Off to tinker with DS & make some cool stuff.
BugLUV & HUGS Every1

Baby's pram by Ruth Howard

I copied This post from:

Baby's pram by Ruth Howard

Download here:

Coach Pram Instructions

Items you will need:

· Cricut & Design Studio and both the New Arrivals and George basic shapes cartridges
· Card of your choice
· Craft Knife
· Scissors
· Glue
· Lace (optional)
· 3 x Cocktail sticks (for wheels and handle)
· Embellishments of your choice


1. If the cut has been downloaded and you’re outside of the UK, please go to the control panel on your PC and change the regional language/location from English/UK to your own.

2. Cut the file as you would normally using your design studio and Cricut.

3. If desired the second page of prams can stick to the first, this will make it round in appearance like the original cut on the New arrivals cartridge which will add strength to allow the pram to stand without the wheels bending due to it's weight.

4. Trim away the blanket look from off the pram.

5. Embellish away!!!

6. It is easier to colour the wheels while in the flat die cut form. I used glazed pens which as you can see it’s an effective way to colour them.

7. For the main body of the pram you will need to cut a length of same coloured card 26.6 cm by 5 cm, and then crease at the following intervals: 3.65cm; 7.15cm; 11.75cm; 13.5cm; 14.75cm; 16.5cm; 21.1 cm and then cut a flap to fold over at the pram handle end of 1.5cm.
8. If applying lace measure first around the area you want to place it before cutting, saves waste!! Big believer!! Glue and attach.

9. Neaten the pram edging with a creasing/blunt tool.

10. Personal choice, measure a length of card to go around the cocktail sticks at the wheels to make a tray! This also adds strength to the end result.


1. Before gluing your cuts, if you have a cuttlebug, dry emboss them or with any other dry embosser!!

2. Again if you have Pergamano tools, prick a design into the prams before assembly.

3. Use 3D liquid pearl paint and apply stickles to give your work dimension.

4. Admittedly there are thousands of embellishments you can use to decorate these prams, some include lace; ribbon; buttons; glitter/glues; whatever you can lay your hands on really.

5. For the really heavy embellishments, use strong glue ie: hot glue gun to secure fixture!!! But don’t over do it, otherwise the wheels will buckle!!

6. Happy crafting and enjoy your cut file.

Please email me on with pictures of your designs, would love to see them.