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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Adding Images To Your Forum Posts -By Archangel

It's easier than it seems.
Whenever I find an image online that I like, instead of uploading it, I do the following:

Right click on the image & "copy image location."
Then it I place it between the following bb code tags:
(no spaces, i just used them to make the code show up).

[ img ] This tag goes BEFORE the URL of the image.
[ /img ] This tag goes at the end of the image Url.

example-do not click: [ img ] http://image_location_link [ /img ]

Another way to do it is simply paste the image location url wherever you want the image to show up in your post.
Highlight it and then click the tiny picture button at the top.

When you scroll over it with your mouse, a text block will come up that says "insert image" click it and it will automatically put the tags before & after the image url in their proper places.

To make sure its where you want it, click the preview button below.

Then scroll down to the text field where you enter your message to perform any corrections you want.

click the preview button again, just to make sure it's how you want it & whenever you're happy with the look, click post. And that's it.

so now I will use an actual picture to show you the result. when typed properly, the code is invisible, and only the image will appear, like so:

once again to show you how its done

this is the image Url I used:

This is how it looks in code (remember, no spaces):

[ img ] [ /img ]

I chose this picture because it's hilarious and I knew everyone would love it, especially Mystikal Melita:)

So if you like, use this thread to practice. That's right, I said practice! Simply post a reply to this thread using any image(s) you wish and when you've got it, you'll get so used to doing it you won't need to refer back here. But in case you do, it'll be here when you need it.

Blessings I hope this helps. Smile