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Sunday, April 8, 2018

Baw CraftWorx Shop On Etsy

I Finally did it! I took my own (and everyone else's) advice and opened my Etsy shop! Right now I'm Having a HUGE Grand opening SALE and you can score Printable BUNDLES for Up to 50% Off. They are all fairly priced according to size and I am only offering DIGITAL/Printable Downloads at the moment. I am still there stocking my shop so keep checking back there is SO MUCH MORE on its way. If you do visit, feel free to send me a message with your feedback so I can improve the Shop. As well as what you would like to see (Digital Items you are looking for). From now on Clicking the banner below (on every post I make will take you straight to my Etsy Shop. Enjoy and thank you all for the loving push to go pro with my Mixed MediaArtwork.