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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Anne Geddes Official Website

Anne Geddes Official Website:
I am a HUGE fan of Anne Geddes. I finally found her website last night! She's a famous photographer who takes all of the adorable baby pictures in bumble bee, flower pot fairy, baby animal & other cute costumes:)

There's a free4u section on here, just sign up using your name and email address and make a password, and you will have access to wonderful free stuff, an online photo album, calendar, e-cards, and much much more.

She even has an online clothing store, and baby pic contests for babies wearing her designer clothing:) Its a beautiful site:) Plus you can check out my personal albums if you register your own account & add me. Links To My Albums are not possible to share, I can share using email only:) There's an AWESOME digital scrapbooking site I'm addicted to called PICABOO! But that's an entire new blog waiting to happen...