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Sunday, November 30, 2008

How To Make Your Own Guitar Picks

How To Make Your Own Guitar Picks
Left is a personalized guitar pick I made using my own picture so my friends would stop stealing them from me:)

To make your own, take a small picture of yourself.

(Use one that's already in your computer, that you have resized & printed out)
If the pic you want to use Isn't already on your computer, scan it into your pc.
copy the file, and rename it like me2 or something, and resize the copy of the image.
Save it and print the image out. On any piece of blank paper: (photo paper is not needed.)
Place an actual guitar pick on top of it.
Once you have it centered to your liking, trace the outline of the guitar pick.
Cut out the image. Laminate it.
Laminate once for thin.
Laminate twice for Medium.
Laminate three times for thick/heavy.

You will want to make several because they do come apart if you use them frequently or just rock out too hard.

How To Make More Than One:
Prior to laminating the pick, scan it into your pc (if it isn't already there).

Open a blank window in your website making program:
( I used Macromedia Dreamweaver 8, But any program used to make a webpage is fine).
Using the image button/tool, Post the image in the top left corner of your blank page.
Now, copy it, and press your space bar and paste it beside the image you just posted.
Repeat 2 more times to get a row of 4 images side by side.
Press Enter and do it again or ( I just highlight & copy the line above & paste it underneath).
Do this until you have 5 rows of 4 images (20 pictures).
You can do 5 rows of 5 for 25 images aswell, If you feel like cutting that many out:)
Save the file to your computer for future use.
You now have a sheet of 20/25 photos in the shape of a guitar pick to print out as needed.