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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Baby's pram by Ruth Howard

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Baby's pram by Ruth Howard

Download here:

Coach Pram Instructions

Items you will need:

· Cricut & Design Studio and both the New Arrivals and George basic shapes cartridges
· Card of your choice
· Craft Knife
· Scissors
· Glue
· Lace (optional)
· 3 x Cocktail sticks (for wheels and handle)
· Embellishments of your choice


1. If the cut has been downloaded and you’re outside of the UK, please go to the control panel on your PC and change the regional language/location from English/UK to your own.

2. Cut the file as you would normally using your design studio and Cricut.

3. If desired the second page of prams can stick to the first, this will make it round in appearance like the original cut on the New arrivals cartridge which will add strength to allow the pram to stand without the wheels bending due to it's weight.

4. Trim away the blanket look from off the pram.

5. Embellish away!!!

6. It is easier to colour the wheels while in the flat die cut form. I used glazed pens which as you can see it’s an effective way to colour them.

7. For the main body of the pram you will need to cut a length of same coloured card 26.6 cm by 5 cm, and then crease at the following intervals: 3.65cm; 7.15cm; 11.75cm; 13.5cm; 14.75cm; 16.5cm; 21.1 cm and then cut a flap to fold over at the pram handle end of 1.5cm.
8. If applying lace measure first around the area you want to place it before cutting, saves waste!! Big believer!! Glue and attach.

9. Neaten the pram edging with a creasing/blunt tool.

10. Personal choice, measure a length of card to go around the cocktail sticks at the wheels to make a tray! This also adds strength to the end result.


1. Before gluing your cuts, if you have a cuttlebug, dry emboss them or with any other dry embosser!!

2. Again if you have Pergamano tools, prick a design into the prams before assembly.

3. Use 3D liquid pearl paint and apply stickles to give your work dimension.

4. Admittedly there are thousands of embellishments you can use to decorate these prams, some include lace; ribbon; buttons; glitter/glues; whatever you can lay your hands on really.

5. For the really heavy embellishments, use strong glue ie: hot glue gun to secure fixture!!! But don’t over do it, otherwise the wheels will buckle!!

6. Happy crafting and enjoy your cut file.

Please email me on with pictures of your designs, would love to see them.