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Friday, February 13, 2009

FREE Mandalas

UPDATED March 29 2018:

Mandalas Coloring Book From JuneMoon
Click the links below to download the zip archive file which now contains her entire coloring book in 1 download. So beautiful and it is FREE. :)
To Download: Just right click & "save as"

Misc mandalas

Animal mandalas-Beautiful & detailed

Awesome Mandala Links
click these links to go to the mandala pages, click on each thumbnail, then right click & save as:) These mandalas are absolutely gorgeous, must see:)

45 mandalas for painting in meditation - many church rosettes
(nature mandalas - window mandalas (churches, cathedrals): wheel windows, rosette windows, Indian mandalas, rosettes with a primary center - Asian mandalas - ice cristal mandalas - mandalas made of lines and circles) 

72 mandalas for painting in meditation - mandalas worldwide

Dragon mandalas - elf mandalas - energy mandalas - energy mandalas: swirl mandalas - cognition mandalas (way of cognition) - mandalas in geographic order - Native Indian mandalas - Celtic mandalas - crystal mandalas - nature mandalas - religious mandalas and esotericism - rose window mandalas - animal mandalas

32 crop circle mandalas for painting in meditation

Mandalas from aliens made in corn fields.
Secretly in the night there is a force which is creating new crop circles.