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Sunday, January 16, 2011


My current space is a broom closet (NOT kidding) so out of necessity, I've had to improvise and conjure MORE space out of thin air, in so doing, I've come up with some cool ideas to help you pimp your own space...

* Sort paper flowers by colors and stick them in Ziploc sandwich bags to make the ones you want easier to find. They should still fit in that same drawer if you squeeze the air out of the bags.

* Decorate your paper holders (just the front part that shows-as well as any other "boring" containers that aren't see through:) with different patterned papers, add stickers, buttons, beads ribbon, brads, bling, and/or paper flowers to embellish, make tags with coordinating or contrasting papers to label the containers, stamp images on them too for cuteness.  It really makes a BIG difference.

* Label your drawers & containers! As you acquire more things from swaps, workshops, classes, hauls - (aka shopping sprees gone overboard lol), you're going to need to categorize everything or you WILL hide things on yourself by having misplaced them, meaning put them in the wrong spot because you were distracted by someone or something (like having to pee REALLY BAD!) lol. So, if you start early, (like I DIDN'T DO) you'll prevent that from happening.

* Store loose ribbon, buttons, clips & other accessories in clear glass or plastic jars. You'll SEE them and actually make MORE use of them.

* Last but certainly MOST important, Catalog EVERYTHING you own & INSURE IT. In case of theft/damage, fire etc. If you're a professional crafter, or even if it's a hobby but you have a LOT of stuff; EVERYTHING in your room is an ASSET-Furniture and crafting supplies!

I'm speaking from personal experience here, I've had all of my inventory stolen by some jealous exes. I didn't know at that time, that I could have insured it all. Needless to say I'm out about $1,000,000,000 that's right: 1 million dollars because they wanted revenge.