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Saturday, January 18, 2014

About Me

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^ Tanahmera Rutledge^
Alias: Archangel Baw

I am a proud Mother of 3 Amazing Sons :) Prior to my accident, (my oldest son and I were struck by a speeding jeep while WALKING across the street to catch a bus :( ), I was going back to college to get my carpentry degree to work for Habitat for Humanity, however due to my injuries from the accident I can no longer work in that field so I started Baw CraftWorx as a way to continue to give back to others with RAKS (Random Acts Of Kindness) & SWAPS (swaps haven't begun yet),  and hoping to support myself and my sons. The problem is that my exes stole all of my inventory and supplies, so I was unable to continue for a time, I have however been able to replace a great deal of what was stolen, and am preparing to re-Launch Baw CraftWorx in the near future. I'm also an ex Independent Stampin Up & Fiskars Demo & creative coach. I love sharing all of the awesome techniques I've learned over the years with others. I Love All Things Witchy & Crafty & Those who create them xoxo:)

About Baw CraftWorx:
Here You Will Find...

Inspirational Projects For my own personal hobbies which include: Stamping, of course, Assorted Crafts, Candle Making, Ceramics, Clay & Pottery, ClipArt, Coloring Pages & Stencils, Cricut DS & SCAL SVG Files, Crochet & Knitting, Embroidery, Gardening, Holidays, Jewellery Making, Kirigami. Kitchen Printables, Painting, Paper Crafts, Origami, Pipe Cleaner Crafts, Quilting, Scrapbooking, Sewing, Soap Making, Web Design, Woodworking, X-Stitch, Cooking/Baking & More. & When no one's lookin', I've been known to play guitar shhh! It is not my goal to become famous for that, I'm already too popular and I'll take fortune but I don't "do" fame ;) Lord knows I've acquired more than my share of stalkers in this lifetime.

Things I Do With The Freshness:
-Parenting & Witchcraft first & foremost.

My hobbies & Interests (Non-Paid but expensive to keep up with:
Note: All of my supplies to create were stolen, and I can't afford to replace them, so I no longer do any of the hobbies listed below aside from making cricut files, blogging, and web/blog/forum design.

-Writing/Blogging-(self-help, tutorials, poetry, new age/spiritual articles, spells, rituals, etc)
-Pyrography, (woodburning) and I'm very interested in learning wood carving
-Painting, (oil, acrylic & watercolor)
-Cross stitching, basic knitting & sewing
-Web Witchery-(basic web/blog/forum design & tutorials)
-Aromatherapy, (making bath salts & essential oils, incense, scented sachets & potpourri, spa kits, soaps, etc)
-Candle Making, scented and herbal for healing/aromatherapy purposes
-Divination: Astrology, Tarot, Scrying, and so on...
-Herbology & Gardening, (growing my own herbs & flowers to make witchy things: my own herbal medicines & teas etc...)
-Photagraphy & Basic Image editing-not professionally, but for scrapbooking purposes.
-Scrapbooking- digital & traditional, (quick pages, mini albums & brag books especially)
-Playing guitar (not anymore, my guitar was stolen and I won't be replacing it)
-Glass Etching & Frosting
-Origami: paper folding crafts
-Kirigami (Architectural Origami & Pop up cards)
-Doll Making: (not anymore, I stopped doing that years ago)
-Reading, (new age, divination, psychology & self help)
-Yoga & Poi (getting back into poi spinning for the purpose of grounding, healing & meditation)
-Card Making & assorted paper crafts.
-Creating Svg files & DS Cut files for Cricut machine users.
-Healing: Chakras, Crystals, Reiki and Coaching, Massage Therapy and much more.
-and many more things that I'm too lazy to list.

I'll Follow You If You Follow me:) If you're not already on my blog list, post a comment with your blog URL on the I FOLLOW page and I will add you to my list:)
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Note: I haven't used saynow in idk how long so disregard that lol
My cell phone hasn't been active and won't be re-activated for some time to come.

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