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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Changing Photoshop brushes into Paint Shop Pro Brushes


Ok so I have hundreds of photoshop brushes that I want to be able to use in PSP9 (Paint Shop Pro9), (since I own the full version of PSP9 and don't own a full version of Photoshop :). So I googled a question that thankfully had already been asked & answered and learned how to Change Photoshop brushes into Paint Shop Pro Brushes. Heres my research...

Question: Will Photoshop brushes work on Paint Shop Pro?

Answer: Yes and no. You can not import a Photoshop brush directly into Paint Shop Pro, but there is a way around it, though it involves a lot of work.

Download ABR VIEWER ( and install it.

Changing Photoshop brushes into Paint Shop Pro Brushes

Open a .abr brush into it (that's a Photoshop Brush) and Export as thumbnails. Open those thumbnails (now .png images) into Paint Shop Pro and, on each one, go to File > Export > Custom Brush. Save each one as a differant name.

And there you go! You have Photoshop brushes that work in Paint Shop Pro!

-Source Link! + Edits by Archangel