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Thursday, September 16, 2010


 So, Marc (My significant other), just got me SCAL today! I've wanted it for soooooo long. The timing of it was perfect. I was actually using DS earlier today and 3 times I tried updating my firmware, 3 times it screwed up on me :( I had to make that skeleton step card for him without DS even though I'd downloaded the file, my cricut wouldn't cut ANY DS files because my firmware wouldn't update properly. :( But it's working fine with SCAL! (I don't get it!) I even clicked check for updates (in scal) and it said there were none I needed. I'm officially confused! I have all of the support updates , and LEGAL versions of both Scal & DS so I know that wasn't my problem. I'm actually wondering If I might have to uninstall DS and re-install it to make it work:( I love scal very much, But I REALLY love my DS because It helps me familiarize myself with the carts and the functions of my Cricut Expressions machine. I'm having a blast with scal, but I have so many carts and cut files I want to actually make USE of them.

If anyone else has ever had this problem, please let me know how you fixed it.