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Monday, September 27, 2010


What they are...

RAKs: Random Acts of Kindness. Randomly sending a card or gift to someone out of nowhere:) They lift peoples spirits:)

SWAPs: Organized themed swaps take place on community message board and other sites online. Swaps are varied in theme but the point is that you  pick a partner /a partner picks you, /a partner is picked for you depends on who is organizing it). Then, you make a great crafty package that meets the swap's theme and requirements and takes into consideration your partner's wishes and preferences. You send the package you created to them and they send the package they created to you! Its a wonderful way to get to know others in the crafting world, you can also send a card and a letter with the package, its like Pen Pals with presents:)
Note: They haven't got the raks & swaps category up at the new site yet, but they are working on it.

Other swap sites: