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Thursday, September 2, 2010

New Cricut Forum Additions @ Baw Craftworx

I've added a complete Forum just for Cricut related material @ Baw CraftWorx! Tonight I'll Be Adding The Video Sub-threads & Adding Links From My Search Results to all manner of  fabulous informative videos. Originally, I'd planned to embed my faves, but that mission would've take me a few months to go through all the amazing vids and decide which ones to post . So Ive decided on plan B above instead, which prevents any copyright infringements.
Please note it is not my intention to steal anything, or plagiarize anyone, my intent is simply to share what I have learned from these vids. After all No one can teach them better than the ones who taught me, Right? I haven't been blessed with the patience or the skills required to teach with the grace these women have, otherwise, I'd just be making my own vids lol. I've learned so much from vids on youtube that I feel compelled to pass it all on:)

That said I've made a TON of work for myself and I best be off to get it done:) Massive love, squeakage, and blessings to everyone who makes these vids on youtube, those with the patience to teach, and those with the desire to learn. xoxoxoxo