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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

From The Mouths Of Babes...

Me and My oldest Son Ronnie (when he was 7 yrs old).

Me & My Youngest Son Marcus (when he was 11 Months old).

Ok I think I've done it, successfully cracked the baby code that is. This is my attempt at spelling & defining what I believe my Sons (Ronnie-Cancer sign- age: now 14), (Marcus-Pisces Sign- age: 2 1/2) mean. I am a Taurus sign and baby mind-reading and communication is very important to me. I will be adding to this list often as they are both very lipsy and come up with the funniest things I've ever heard :).

APPO: Pronounced: "Appo". Said whenever one desires an apple. Definition: Apple.

BYNJUYI: Pronounced "Bin-You-Wee".  Must be squealed very loudly with excessive delight while jumping up and down repeatedly. Definition: OMG I LOVE YOU!

BYE: Pronounced Bye. Used when counting from one to five. Definition: Five.

BERTARG: Pronounced: Ber-Targ. said while playing Air guitar by my oldest son when he was 4. Definition: Guitar.

DIE: Pronounced Die: Used when counting from 1-10 and can be mistaken for the word Bye (meaning is numeric in this context): Definition: FIVE.

FEE: Pronounced: "Fee" used when counting from 1-3. Definition: Three.

HAKKU: Pronounced: "Ha-Ku". Said to express gratitude when given something they want. Definition: Thank You.

HARKUNANUIT: Pronounced: "Harkoon-A-Noot" Sounds Egyptian. This was said by my oldest son while pointing at the TV set when he was 3 years old. Definition: (I want to watch) "Cartoons".

MMMMM: Pronounced: "Mmmm". Definition: Used in two ways: If said while eating it means "This is Great!". If said while observing something it means "I want to eat that".

MINE: Pronounced "Mine". Said with out-stretched arms in an adorable whiney tone while batting eyes. Definition: Hug Me.

NO:  Pronounced "No". Said whenever it's time for bed, clean up, or a diaper change. Definition: No!

SHUSSAHSAY: Pronounced: "ShU-Sah-Say". Usually screamed before or after "Bynjuyi". Definition: As near as I can make out, it would be our equivalent to the words "TESTIFY!" or "Amen".

UNNAN: Pronounced: "Un-Nan". Said whenever one desires a banana. Definition: Banana.

YUM: Pronounced Yum: Screamed loudly when child sees something He wants. Definition: I Want That!

CROTCHIT: Pronounced: "Crotch-It". Said all the time, especially when asked: What would you like to eat for breakfast/lunch/dinner? Definition: Chocolate!

...So, that said, now you see why this is filed under WTF???