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Friday, January 30, 2009

Archangel's Pyrography Tips And Tricks

For my own work, I do one of two things:

1-If the artwork is my own, I photocopy it, and use carbon paper to trace the image onto the wood.

2-If the artwork is not my own: I print out coloring book pages/patterns and use carbon paper to trace the images onto the wood, the shading and detail i do by eye, and I always add my own personal touches to make it my own:)

My Ghetto Woodburner
I broke my wood burner shortly after last christmas-as in (2004) so I have been using a soldering Iron in it's place until I can afford to buy a better quality one;) It actually works, I couldnt believe it, especially since its ony a 30 amp tool.

The soldering iron only cost $8.00 at some dollar store, and it has screws in it so I can still use and change my attatchments from my original burner;) just in case you happen to break yours, and have a thirst for the woodburning craft like I do, I thought I would pass this info on;)