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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Bath Recipes

bath Archangels' Bath Recipes bath

Make a pot of tea from
3 Red Clover Blossoms -freshly cut
3 Red Clover Leaves -freshly cut
3 Pinches of Chinese Grean Tea -dried
3 New Pennies- drop them in the pot while it steeps.
Let steep until cold. Add 1 cup to bath water for 3 consecutive days.
You May charge the water with any luck chant you wish, but I find it is only neccessary to concentrate on the good luck you wish to draw into your life while soaking in the bath.
If it is luck in love you wish to draw toward you, add 3 drops of rose oil, or 3 rose petals to the brew.
If it is Luck in money matters, Leave the brew as it is, or add
anything else you feel is appropriate, and so on. You can use the Correspondences & Wiccanese forums for help with magickal ingredients. Best of luck

Archangels' Aura Clearing Bath Ritual
Use 2 TBSP of seasalt
in your next bath, burn frankincence incense in the bathroom (if you
have any) & before getting into the bath hold your projectory hand
over the bath water & chant:

"Archangel Gabriel, I now summon Thee
Come clear my Cords and Auras please;
Salt and water cleanse away,
All debris that I've absorbed today,
And Frankincence, Clear Me & My living space,
Of Negativity leave no trace."

Do not leave the tub until you feel like it. This Rite is all about
giving to YOURSELF! This means make sure you do this at a time when you
are NOT rushed by an appointment of some sort, or when you are least
likely to be interrupted. Personally, I prefer before bed, After having
done this a few times, it became automatic! Everey bath I take is Now a
Ritual;) It has a few other perks aswell: I have fewer nightmares now,
it helps me get a better night's rest, I sleep deeper, without being
startled awake by night terrors. I wake up feeling refreshed, alert and
well rested.


-Archangel-Baw Forums Owner