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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Re-Useable Multi Purpose Draw-String Bags

Archangels Re-Useable Multi Purpose Draw-String Bags

These Drawstring bags are easy to sew by hand:)

Materials needed:
A scrap of fabric approx. 4" X 10" (Use 100% cotton, muslin or cheesecloth)
Decorative lace or trim (optional)
A piece of ribbon around 22" long (for drawstring)

Sew the trim on to one end of the fabric. Fold the fabric in half with the right sides together, lining up the lace end.

Make a narrow seam down both edges. Turn so right sides are out. You can vary the size and scent of these sachets to your liking.

Decorative Options:
You can decorate with stamps, Iron on patterns, fabric paint, beads, cross stitching, or embroidery:)

Multiple Uses:

Tea/Coffee Bags:
Put a small amount of your favorite ingestable fresh or dried herbs, flowers, spices, or coffee in the bags.

Roll them loosely, and drop them in your tea or coffee cup. Wash immediateley after each use, let air dry, and they are ready for re-use.

Dry Scented Herbs/Potpourri:
Decorated with stamps:)
Put a small amount of herbs, flowers, spices, etc, place around house. Squeeze bag to release scent.

Simply refresh herbals scents with essential oils every so often.

Wash Bags:
To use, See Washbag Recipes In Baw Spa:)

Medicine Pouches:
Theses are easier to make, take a small square of fabric, In the center, Place your medicinal herbs.

Pull all corners & sides together & tie off with a ribbon:) To Use: drop in a hot bath.

Discard herbs after use and rinse fabric. Hang to dry for re-use.

-This Article By Archangel, Copyright Born Again Wiccan 2008:)