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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Bath Salt Recipes 3

Bath Salt Recipes

Made using our Fine Crystal Sea Salt

Our Liquid Dyes and Liquid Pigments should be diluted with distilled water.
Ratio: 1 to 3 parts of distilled water to 1 part of liquid dye or liquid pigment.
The dilution ratio will depend on the shade you are trying to achieve.

If your finished bath salts will be exposed to sunlight for extended periods of time,
use pigments instead of dyes because dyes will fade where pigments will not.

Materials Required for Making Bath Salts
Large Glass or Metal Bowl
Metal Spoon
Small Spray Bottle (optional)
Cosmetic Safe Fragrance Oils
Cosmetic Safe Dyes or Pigments
Cellophane Bags, Glass or PETE Plastic Containers

Basic Bath Salt Recipe

1 Lb. of Sea Salt
Cosmetic Safe Dye or Pigment (As Desired)
1 Teaspoon of Cosmetic Safe Fragrance Oil

Pour the salt into a large glass or metal container.
Add a cosmetic safe dye or pigment to the salt and stir well -
the salt should be dry to the touch after you stir it.
Add the fragrance oil and stir well.
Store the salt in cellophane bags or glass containers.
Note: Do not use plastic bags because the fragrance will evaporate through the plastic.

Variations to the Basic Bath Salt Recipe
A) For every pound of salt add 1/2 pound of Epson Salt.
B) For every pound of salt add 1/2 pound of Baking Soda.
C) For every pound of salt add 1/4 pound of Epson Salt and 1/4 pound of Baking Soda.