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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Bath Salt Recipes 2

witchy Witchy Bath Salt Recipes witchy

Aphrodisiac of the Gods
Papaya Leave
Milk Powders
Epsom & Sea Salts

Energizing Mix of Purity
Epsom & Sea Salts

Female Salts of Power
Relax and rejuvenate your personal powers in this stimulating bath potion.
Bergamot oil - Prosperity, Sensuality & Protection
Ginger - Healing & Strength
Bay leaf - most powerful of herbs, Wisdom, Love and Balance.
Sea Salt
Milk Powders

Personal Magnetism
Need to Sell Yourself? Attract More Business?
This ritual bath salt is beneficial for you, if your business depends on your personal magnetism:
Sea Salt
Ginger - grated fresh
Basil - fresh
Essential basil oil
Pour into your bath and soak in it the morning of important meetings. In addition you can use Drawing Powder after drying off.